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Imagine a typical day. The alarm clock starts ringing and you groggily hit the snooze as many times as possible before running the risk of being late. You hurry to get ready for the day and feel that doom that accompanies another dreary Tuesday (or is it Wednesday?). As the coffee brews, a rich coffee aroma fills your kitchen and you reach for your favorite mug. As you turn it around you see a cute cartoon penguin smiling back with the words of encouragement, “Have an Ice Day” printed below an ice block and instantly the day feels a little less gloomy. Perhaps a friend, coworker, partner, or student has given you this mug, and you think of how special they are to you – or maybe you bought it for yourself because it was too cute to pass up. Our inspirational mugs are sure to pick you up on even the toughest of days.
Whether you’re celebrating a hard-working boss (with whom you can laugh, and you also greatly appreciate) coworker, partner, or teacher, these mugs are just perfect for spreading encouragement and maybe a little magic. Perhaps you have bonded over Friends or The Office in the past – you can find a mug here with a fun reference to these shows. Or perhaps you want to play off a song lyric – we have a few mugs that are inspired by famous, positive songs.  Whether your gift is about day-to-day appreciation for a unique person in your life, or geared toward a special day such as a birthday, mother’s day, father’s day, graduation, or special appreciation day theme, you’ll find something cute, funny, and perhaps personally meaningful to both of you here. While some mugs employ a bit more humor, others are more inspirational. Simple and featuring a white background but fun, there are many to choose from, whatever the occasion may be.  
Sometimes it’s hard to pick out a gift for someone close to you or that you see everyday but only in one context. Whether the gift will be going to someone who appreciates trendy unicorns, superhero themes, or a message to remind them you see and love who they are, there’s something for everyone here. The morning coffee ritual, or all day coffee marathon, is a part of the lives of many, so make it a chance for encouragement and to spread a smile whenever they pour some more coffee into these fun coffee mugs. While some gifts sit on a shelf and aren’t used often, the coffee drinkers in your life will surely appreciate this thoughtful gift from you.
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