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30 Most Unbelievable Gift Mugs Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind

30 Most Unbelievable Gift Mugs Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind

At NineDollarMugs, we make it our mission to create the coolest and most unique coffee mugs on the market. Our extensive catalog features a wide range of categories, including one of our most popular; funny coffee mugs. At only $9 per mug, you simply won’t find a better deal anywhere.

While we pride ourselves on our tremendous product, at our core, we are just fans of amazing coffee mugs in general. We love the way that a well-crafted mug brightens up the day even before being filled with delicious coffee or tea.

For your viewing please, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite 30 most amazing, unique and downright incredible mugs. There’s no doubt in our minds that you’ve never seen anything quite like this before.

1. Coffee is medicine

If you’re anything like us, starting your day without coffee is a recipe for disaster. What better way to show your love, and maybe slight addiction, for a rich brew than this comical masterpiece. The mug’s resemblance to a pill bottle will be sure to send the message that you are not looking to chat until you’ve had at least one, maybe two cups.

2. Don’t forget to flush

Toilet mug

This amazing gag gift holds 12oz of delicious coffee, tea or any other liquid you may have in mind. Beyond getting a good laugh, this extraordinary mug is made of high-quality ceramic, ensuring that it’s around for the long-haul (hopefully unlike its contents).

3. I’m a zombie before my coffee

A handle made of bones, skulls lining the bottom, and a repeating skeleton design mesh together beautifully to represent how must of us feel in the mornings. With a stainless steel inner lining, this unique product sacrifices absolutely zero quality. Give this to your most zombie-like friends and watch their face come alive.

4. No pictures, please

Photographs are a fantastic way to immortalize some of life’s most scenic moments. But that doesn’t mean that any of us look suitable to get in front of the camera when we first roll out of bed. Give your photograph loving friend or family member this fully sealable coffee mug that’s sure to distract them long enough to allow you to become presentable in the morning. 

5. We should have listed this in spot #2

This mug speaks for itself, with text explaining the crux of the joke. Coffee is known for helping people get their day going, if you catch our drift, making this a hilarious gag gift for the comedian in your family. Produced by BigMouth Inc, you’re guaranteed to get a high-quality product.

6. Don’t forget to recycle

Environmentally friendly products have been hitting the market like crazy lately, and rightfully so. The planet needs our help more than ever. What better way to demonstrate the importance of recycling, than with this recycling bin shaped mug. The unique craftsmanship will be sure to be cherished by your favorite eco warrior.  

7. Who took a bite of my donut?

We absolutely love this delectably shaped mug, do-nut you? Horrible puns aside, nothing goes together better than the sacred combination of donuts and coffee. Now, you’re able to enjoy that delicious duo guilt free. This mug gives you all the joy of holding a donut without the calories!

8. Udder-ly amazing

You didn’t think we were really done with the puns, did you? This comical mug makes a great gift for any animal lovers out there. Made out of premium ceramic and sporting a hand-painted design, this mug is perfect for enjoying hot chocolate, tea, coffee, or if you really want a meta-experience, milk.

9. Game level: Expert

Despite the advances in technology, there’s still no good way to play video games one-handed. Meaning that precious time is wasted on mundane tasks, such as drinking a beverage. Although this two-handled beauty won’t solve your problems, it’s very rewarding seeing “Game Over” printed on the bottom every time you finish your drink.

10. Flip me over

Do you ever run into those people in the morning who are dead-set on having a full-blown conversation with you before you’ve even had your first cup of coffee? Let this not-so-passive-aggressive mug take care of that problem for you. A quick drink from this bad boy should send your talkative peer a message without any other words needed.

11. Pink is cool… and frightening

This octopus mug sports incredibly designed and crafted tentacles all while making the color pink look incredibly cool. You’re guaranteed to get a reaction of amazement from whoever is lucky enough to be the recipient of this incredible gift and we’re certain they won’t already have one!

12. A deer for my dear

Know an animal lover? We’re certain that they’ll love this incredibly unique mug as much as we do. The hand-painted deer means that no two products are exactly the same. Imagine how cool it would be to see a doe or buck running across your backyard when you’re drinking out of this bad boy.

13. Panda vibes

Pandas are the cutest animals in the world and that’s a scientific fact. This adorable fella sits comfortably at the base of this one-of-a-kind mug, providing companionship when you sip from your drink. Depending on what you put in the mug, you might even be able to have a conversation with the little guy. 

14.  Guardian of the flies

Amazingly, the brightly painted green leaf scenery plays second fiddle when it comes to this incredibly crafted mug. An adorable ceramic frog is perched atop the handle, protecting your beverage from possible intruders of the insect variety. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t immediately fall in love with this novel mug.

15. That’s a killer mustache

We must admit: we’re more than a little jealous of the glorious mustache featured on this sugar skull mug. It’s not every day that you come across such spectacular facial hair. The pattern featured on the body of the mug elicits Cinco de Mayo vibes, making it a perfect gift for any day of the dead fans.

16. Prickly perfection

Prickly perfection mug

Cool down in the blazing heat with the help of this beautiful embossed mug. The pistachio green paint design provides a pleasing and calming aesthetic. Give your desert-loving friend a gift that they will actually use and cherish forever.

17. A man’s man

Picking out a thankyou gift for a best man can be tricky, time-consuming and expensive. Finding that perfect present that fully expresses your gratitude can feel next to impossible. Fortunately, this barrel designed tankard solves all your problems. The premium craftsmanship is available at a very affordable cost and will be a homerun with your buddy.

18. Crazy cookie cup

How many times have you been enjoying a nice cup of milk and thought to yourself, “if only I had somewhere handy to store these extra cookies.” If you’re like us, the answer is an embarrassingly large number of occasions. With this versatile mug, you get a built-in storage space along with a bold crazy eyes design.

19. Mug glove love

Baseball fans will be sure to enjoy this America’s pastime themed mug. The old-school style design is perfectly married with the traditionalistic nature of baseball. Perfect for coffee, tea, hot chocolate and even makes a great holder for ballgame peanuts. The possibilities are endless.

20. It’s okay to play with your food

At one time or another, we’ve all been told not to play with our food. This basketball mug has no time for such nonsense. The hoop jutting out over the cup is these ceramic sport beauties most unique and entertaining asset. Make sure to score a few marshmallow points before you finish your drink. 

21. One cup per day

Caffeine addiction is a real thing and it’s very serious. Experts suggest limiting yourself to one cup of coffee per day for health reasons. It’s good advice and we always abide by it. If you or anyone you know is trying to cut back to just one cup, we recommend purchasing this 64oz mug.

22. Take a number

This grenade shaped mug is the easiest way to be left alone when you’re enjoying a morning cup of joe. The text reads, “Complaint Department. Please Take a Number” which is both self-explanatory and awesome. Unique, original and hilarious, you won’t find a better gag gift anywhere. 

23. Gun mug

One of BigMouth Inc.’s best-selling mugs, this unusual design features a replica gun handle and powerful glossy black paint. A perfect gift for anyone who takes their coffee intake seriously. Hand washing is advisable in order to maintain structural integrity and promote longevity.

24. Get down to the brass tacks

Nothing quite matches the rush of adrenaline and overwhelming sense of power that rushes over you after sliding your fingers into a set of brass knuckles. So, we’ve been told at least. For those of us less combat inclined, this brass knuckles mug makes for a great alternative. 

25. Gentle bear

The old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words is certainly applicable in this scenario. The only further information we can provide about this adorable gentleman bear mug is that it’s manufactured with high-quality ceramic and holds 12oz of your beverage of choice.

26. Proud peacock

There’s creative chinaware. There’s elegant chinaware. And then there’s this perfection.  A saucer coffee cup doesn’t typically bring this level of sophistication, grace and style to the table. Painted with a stunning array of bright colors, your guests are sure to ask where you bought something so original. 

27. Look inside for a surprise

The gift that keeps on giving. At first, the recipient will think it’s merely a nice teacup. But wait! Look inside this spectacular mug and get rewarded with an impeccably crafted wolf figurine. Build a collection of these hidden animals and then challenge your friends to a competition of who can reveal their creature first.

28. Ride the wave

If you’re into contemporary style, this fluidly designed mug will certainly prove intriguing. Featuring a continuous piece of porcelain, you’ll be hard put to find any dinnerware with better craftsmanship. Add a set of these aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching mugs to your kitchen and sit back as the envious comments roll in.

29. Clear is here

These handcrafted glass coffee cups provide the perfect way to get a clear view of your morning brew. An ingenious utility design employs a double wall construction method that keeps the outside of the cup cold, while the contents remain hot. With extremely high durability ratings, you’ll be getting a great product for the long-haul.

30. Coffee and Espresso pod holder

We finish off this beast of a list with a curveball. No, this is not a functionless mug, rather a beautiful way to store your coffee and espresso pods. It’s designed to take up limited counter space while still providing maximum utility. The antique bronze finish makes it a perfect addition to contemporary and modern kitchens alike.

Final word

At NineDollarMugs, we appreciate creativity and expert craftsmanship when we see it. The 30 aforementioned mugs are, in our view, the cream of the crop for gift mugs, outside of our collections of course! As always, we encourage everyone to keep us in mind when looking for the perfect present. With 17 different categories to choose from, we guarantee you will find the best unique mugs for all your loved ones. 

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