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10 Funny Animals Coffee Mugs You Will Adore

By Faith M Skeen, April 19, 2018

10 Funny Animals Coffee Mugs You Will Adore

I don’t actually know who invented the first decorated coffee mug, but I like to imagine someone who looks something like me in the morning – bed head and a vacant stare – trying to get through her first cup before work. There’s a morning person in the kitchen just talking and talking, and our poor inventor finally snaps, grabs a marker and writes a message right on the front of her mug. From then on, all she had to do was point that mug in the right direction et Voila! The mornings were silent again.

A hundred years or so after that totally made-up incident took place, we have funny mugs that share whatever sentiment we choose in the morning and we even have little animal friends to help us express ourselves. Animal mugs were the obvious next step in the story, because no one can be mad at an adorable little animal, even when they’re basically telling you to hush and go away. Don’t believe me? Check out these ten funny animal mugs and see if you don’t just adore them.

Oh, For Fox Sake, 11oz fox coffee mug, pun mug

This little guy knows what I’m talking about. You’re trying to enjoy one moment of peace and – Oh, For Fox Sake. This one is definitely my favorite. I think it’s the little glasses. Go to the product page >

Duck Off Mug - sassy quote rude mug

Our sweet duck here is probably closer to what the blessed Decorated Coffee Cup Inventor originally wrote in our completely fabricated story, but just look at him! If you’re mad at this grumpy little guy for trying to enjoy his morning alone, you can Duck Off, too. Go to the product page >

Bearly awake - funny pun mug, bear mug

Sometimes you just need to remind the world that you’re still kind of asleep. Here we see a sleepy office bear in his natural habitat, still trying to wake up with a nice cuppa Joe. Go to the product page >

I Just Don't Give a Flock, funny flamingo mug for mom as gift

Again, with the glasses! I can’t get enough. Or maybe it’s the adorably punny, potty-mouthed animals. Either way, this sassy flamingo just doesn’t give a flock. I wonder if it’s a flying flock…  Go to the product page >

This Llama Doesn't Want Your Drama, funny coffee mug, gift for her, pun mug, office mug, mug for friend, humor mug

There’s nothing worse than drama in the morning, and we want none of it. This Llama Doesn’t Want Your Drama, and llama knows best. Go to the product page >

I'm Not Just Lazy, I'm Super Lazy, sloth lover mug

Your message doesn’t always have to be directed at a morning-time intruder. It can be a declaration! You don’t have flaws; you have character. And you’re not just lazy; you’re Super Lazy. Btw, if you don’t think sloths are the most adorable, get out. Go to the product page >

You Are My Significant Otter, 11oz funny valentine mug

Funny mugs are also very handy for declaring your love without having to break the morning silence. And once again, cute little animals are perfect for the job. This mug makes me want a significant otter. Go to the product page >

You're My Lobster, friends mug, gift for friends TV show lover, friend mug

Those of you who know the origins of the love lobster will appreciate the font on this next one. Clever, right? This funny animal mug is a best seller, and for good reason. Go to the product page >

Going On A Trip, Alpaca Bag - cute alpaca mug, funny pun, for trip and travel lover, gift for traveller

Of course, morning people deserve a bit of the funny mug action, too. This adventurous alpaca is perfect for that particularly peppy person and yes, I do enjoy alliteration. Go to the product page >

What The Pug, pug mug, a sarcastic gift for pug lovers, funny, cute dog mug, wtf mug, pug life, pugs not drugs

Last, but certainly not least, we have this irresistible smushems, also known as a squish-face. He’s not entertained by these shenanigans, and he wants to know What The Pug? Go to the product page >

Funny mugs can express any sentiment you need to broadcast, and these adorable animal mugs just do it better. Whether it’s that one special mug or one for every day of the year, we love – and need to own – them all!


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