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10 Affordable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2018

By Faith Skeen, April 21, 2018

10 Affordable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2018

Best Gifts for Mom Under $20                                 

The thing about looking for good Mother’s Day Gifts online is that your mother is special, as is your relationship with her. Most of the stuff you see advertised online isn’t going to click with you and your mom. But don’t worry, this list was created by a mom with all types of moms in mind.

Nine Dollar Mugs $9

Best Cat Mom Ever - Nine Dollar Mugs $9

Nine Dollar Mugs is an awesome place that has the most hilarious and adorable graphic coffee mugs you’ll ever see. They’re first on this list because they have something for literally everyone; cat moms, teachers, knitters, jokers, sentimental types.

This link will take you to their Mother’s Day page, but if you don’t find something there that speaks to your mother’s personality, check out their other collections and you’ll see what I mean. Every mom needs a Nine Dollar Mug. 

Arabica Coffee Scrub $13.95

Arabica Coffee Scrub - Mother's Day Gift Idea

As a mom, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come across luxurious creams, scrubs, butters, washes, oils, toners and exfoliators that I would kill to own, but I pass up because my mom instincts tell me that if I spend $13 on myself this month, we’ll be homeless and starving next month.

This particular scrub is a winner because of a glorious combination of essential oils, pure Kona coffee and dead sea salts that address some common mature skin issues, and it smells heavenly. If you know about skin care, you’re probably drooling already. If you don’t, take my word for it. Mom will love this and use it every day.

Personalized Long-Distance Wine Glass $11.99

Personalized Long-Distance Wine Glass - Mother's Day Gift Idea

Do you enjoy making your mother cry? Me too! This personalized mother/daughter wine glass is sure to work up a tear or two. The best part is that this etched glass works for wine drinkers and superheroes – I mean, you know, mothers who don’t drink wine – because it makes a beautiful display piece. Remind her that you’re thinking of her, even when you’re far away.

Customizable Pillowcase $7.90

Customizable Pillowcase - Mother's Day Gift Idea

This gift presents endless customization options, but I really have to insist that anyone who gives their mom a customized photo pillow for Mother’s Day has it made with their own face as close up as possible and tell her she has to keep it on the living room sofa. Trust me, she will love it. I guess it could also work with a more traditional picture, if that’s what you want.

Best Mom Ever Nameplate $13.95

Best Mom Ever Nameplate - Mother's Day Gift Idea

A nameplate that says “Best Mom Ever” is perfect for the professional mom, or the mom who is also a professional. My mom is a professional, and I guarantee she would swap out her boring old PhD nameplate for this beauty in a heartbeat. Give mom the title she deserves in a way that lets her low-key brag about it.

Organic Cat Grass Growing Kit $16.97

Organic Cat Grass Growing Kit - Mother's Day Gift Idea

I don’t know why this gift just cracks me up, but I absolutely love it. A cat grass kit is the gift that keeps on giving. Actually, it keeps on stopping your cat from giving you things you don’t want. That’s right, hairballs. This fool-proof kit grows a grass that mom’s cat can eat to settle his stomach. My mother and I both have cats. Looks like I’m ordering two.

Bath Bombs Gift Set $11.99

Bath Bombs Gift Set - Mother's Day Gift Idea

I can’t talk about this one without getting emotional. This is a set of six essential oil bath bombs with dried botanicals. Are you guys hearing me? I don’t know why there’s not panic in the streets over this revelation. These are high-quality, organic, vegan, lush bath bombs made with dried flowers in beautiful scents and you get six of them for less than $2 per bomb. I literally can’t even.

Tea for One $22.25

Tea for One - Mother's Day Gift Idea

Okay, so this one is a little over $20, but you’ll survive because mom is going to love this. She gets a 15-ounce floral teapot and an 8-ounce cup that’s just for her and no one else, with a tag that says, “I smile because you’re my Mother.” Come on, tell me that’s not worth the extra two bucks.

Flowers $19.99

Flowers Gift For Mom - Mother's Day Gift Idea

We can’t make a Mother’s Day gift list without flowers. Simple, beautiful flowers. And they’re more affordable than you might think. This beautiful bouquet of roses fits right in our budget, and there is a ton more to choose from, so you can send mom something from the heart.

Tile Mate $15.14

Tile Mate - Mother's Day Gift Idea

Your mom will love you for this, if she doesn’t already. Don’t worry, I’m sure your mom loves you, but you need to get her this, anyway. Stick this thing on your keys or whatever you don’t want to lose, and you can find it with your phone. Lost your phone? Push the button on the tile and your phone will ring – wait for it – even on silent. *drops the mic* This guarantees your spot as the favorite child for at least another year. You can buy one here.


Greeting Card – Rose Bouquet

This one is a runner-up just because it’s a card and not really a gift, but OMG have you ever seen a card like this? Let me assure you, if one of my kids ever gave me this card, I would stop pretending to save everything they give me and actually keep it.


Scrapbook - Mother's Day Gift Idea

Scrapbooks are runners-up because they’re not really something you can buy. Fortunately, you can buy all the supplies you need for under $20, but you’ll have to do the hard work yourself. The good news is your mom will love it that much more.

Housekeeping Service or Spa Day

Spa Day - Mother's Day Gift Idea

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told my family, “All I want for Mother’s Day is for you guys to clean the house.” And does it happen? No, because I’m the only woman in the house with a bunch of heathens. Get mom a day off for Mother’s Day. It will be one of the best gifts she’s ever received. This idea is a runner-up because it’s likely to cost much more than $20. If it didn’t, mothers everywhere would be having many more days off.

So that’s the list. We hope you found something that your mother will love, or that you’ve at least been inspired by our suggestions. Mother’s Day is May 13th, so be sure you’re ready. Yes, I did have to look that up.

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