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As serious as you might be about your coffee or tea, you should know how to have fun with it. Having some witty mugs in your home or office is one of the best ways to break the monotony in the mornings, midday or even in the afternoons when you are having some cocoa or chocolate. To help you loosen up as you are taking the first or last few sips of the day, you should purchase some funny mugs for yourself, or family and friends.

Only Approach Me When I’am ready

Everyone surely knows that the morning coffee has distinct stages, so why not purchase for yourself some pun mugs to let everyone know where you are at. These mugs will help you enjoy your coffee without anyone disturbing you or harassing you while at the same time, helping you get rid of the morning blues. Purchase a funny mug and let it run your defense in the first or last 30 minutes of your day, or even help you make a quick explained exit when emergency calls. 

The Mug Life Is Not For Everyone

Truth be told, nobody chooses the funny mugs life, we all get sucked into it eventually by the coffee aroma and find ourselves living there happily ever after. Trust me, once you are in, there is no way out, you will make it your way of life and find yourself convinced that everyone should accept it or move out of your way. You might even find yourself trying to lure your friends and colleagues into it, that's how we all got here.

Prank Because You Love

There is a certain nice unexplained magical feeling that comes with watching your friend hopelessly trying to recover from an unexpected prank. True, there is a chance that you might be forced to perform a mouth to mouth resuscitation immediately after they take the last gulp from the funny mugs, but heck, that is the reason why you purchase them for the cute ones, isn't it?

Mugs For Nerds

I forgot to mention, the hidden secret behind joke mugs and pun mugs is that they are a great friend finder. If you hear someone asking you to explain the joke, then you definitely know that they do not belong to the life, and cannot be for you. Just get on with your funny mugs life and pass a wink once in a while to the fellow nerds who understand the life.

Be Honest

Lastly, sometimes you find yourself trying to sneak through trying to ensure no one gets a whiff of your "coffee". Here is an idea, why not let the freak flag fly high? Besides, the best relationships are the honest ones so all who share your morning should understand. Therefore, friends, buy for yourselves these funny mugs, joke mugs and pun mugs, and enjoy your whisky anytime you want to!

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