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Photo Reward Program


2 weeks: April 13th - April 27th, 2019.


Get $2 for each 11/15oz white classic mug photo, $3 for each 11/15oz couple mug set photo.

Steps to Get the Reward

1. Place an order on our website during the promotion period (orders on Etsy DO NOT participate in the program).

2. When you receive your mug, take 1 photo with a mug (holding or drinking). Quality of the photo must be high, the design must be seen clearly, not blurred or smudged.

Examples of photos:

Photo Reward Program Example Photos

3. Send this photo to [email protected]. Indicate your Order number, Name and PayPal account email to send the reward to.

4. We send you a payment confirmation email.

Reward Program Terms and Conditions

1. By sending us your photo, you give us your permission to use it as a part of promotional media and/or product images:

- on our website,

- on our Etsy store

- in all our social accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

2. All rewards are paid through PayPal to the account email provided by you along with the photo.

3. If you send more than 1 photo of the same mug or mug set, it will be considered as 1 photo.

4. Mugs participated in the Reward Program have a special icon on their product page.  

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